Ah the wonderful world of Pinterest. Even before I started blogging I found myself on Pinterest- always. We are going to walk through how to create a Pinterest Pin using Canva.

I need a recipe for chicken- let me check Pinterest. What am I going to bring the 4th of July BBQ?  Pinterest will figure that out for me.

Everything and anything you could possibly need is available on Pinterest. It is the BEST way to market your blog (if you ask me). The majority of the traffic I get to my blog is through Pinterest, so you can see the importance of utilizing this platform.

How do people create a Pinterest Pin?

There are many ways to create pins!

The way I am going to teach you to create a Pinterest Pin today is by using Canva.

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Pinterest pin for the article title how to create Pinterest pins using Canva

Using Canva

I started off using the Canva app. It is a free app you can download, and if you haven’t yet- I suggest you do!

You can also use the Canva website, which is equally as easy and free. It has the added benefit of more flexibility with design elements. But for now I am going to walk you through making a pin using the mobile Canva app.

Open the app

image of what Canva app looks like when you open the app

image of what Canva app looks like when you open the appChoose what you want to create

When you want to create a Pinterest Pin, you want to choose a template that is tall. A great option to use is Instagram Story. Even though it says “Instagram” the dimensions are perfect for making a stand out pin.

Canva app has many templates you can choose from

*Update Feb 2019– I now most often use the standard Pinterest Graphic template. Pinterest makes frequent algorithm changes. So, now longer does not necessarily mean better.

You still want the vertical pins, but the Instagram stories template is a little longer (which used to be better for catching people’s eyes). But Pinterest has steered away from Pins that are “too long”.

Once you have chosen that, you will come to this screen. This gives you the option to use a template that has already been designed and you just fill in the blanks with your own text/images.

You may choose to use any of them as there are a ton of free options, but I like to start with a blank canvas and create my own. That way I don’t run into any formatting issues when I want to alter something.

I use a blank template in Canva to start from scratch with my pins
After choosing the blank template, you will then get this screen. This is when the fun begins! Let your creative imagination be free.

I use a blank template in Canva to start from scratch with my pins

You may want to start by adding an image as your background. The majority of the pins I make have some kind of image element to them, but you can also choose a solid color.

Keep in mind when you create a Pinterest Pin. When people are scrolling through Pinterest you want an eye catching pin.

You can upload an image from your camera roll or Canva has thousands of images you can use for free as well.

select a background image or a solid color for the background of your pin

For demonstration sake I am going to choose this first image.

once you have chosen a background image it will look like this

You can apply filters to images. Adjust brightness, contrast, etc. Just click on filters to bring up your options.

you can add filters or make fine adjustments to your background under advanced options

Once you are happy with your image you want to add some design and text. Let people know what they will learn about or find if they click on your pin.

Click the + in the bottom right hand corner. 

click the plus sign in the lower right hand corner to add text or design elements to your pin

You can put text directly onto the image, but depending on what the image is it may be more visually appealing to add a design element like the one below.

add a graphic image to display over your background to make it more visually pleasing to read your textAfter clicking the +

Click on graphics.

click on graphics to add a graphic image to your pin

There are tons of options, and for this pin I will choose a simple square.

Now you can change the color, and my favorite part is changing the opacity. This will allow you to still see the image, and also make your text easier for people to read.

To create the image you saw above, I changed the color from white to grey and increased the opacity.

use the slider button to adjust the opacity of the graphic image

Now click on the + sign again in the right lower corner to add your text.

This gives you a ton of preformatted text templates. This is great if you need help with design ideas.

I personally like to add my own text design. Less restrictions with formatting issues again. So I choose the first option directly under the image, but feel free to explore the options!

add some text to your pin by selecting add text

add some text to your pin by selecting add text

Start typing in what you want people to read when they click on your pin.

This may be the title of your article. Make it something that will stand out to people. Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. I know this may seem like a given, but you have no idea how many times I have come across pins that look great, but have spelling issues. Big flop!! Why would I visit your blog when you already have typos in just your pin.

Your pins are your marketing tools. They are what draw people in to visiting your site.

when adding text ensure it is legible but eye catching

the text should be relevant to your blog post

You can choose from tons of different fonts. Remember to make it legible so people can actually read it, but at the same time you want it to be visually appealing. Play around with the different options until you find what you like.

Add your website.

add your website to the pin to give yourself credit for your work

Give yourself credit for your work.

When people see your pin they will automatically know where it came from and what website they are about to visit.

Download the image to your phone

Click share in the upper right hand corner

click the share button in the top right hand corner to download the imageChoose Image

choose the filed type you want to download. I use image-png Save Image

click save image to save the image to your phone

There you go! You just learned how to create a Pinterest Pin using Canva!

Now you can go to your Pinterest app, upload the pin and link it to your website. I hope you found this tutorial to be clear and helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions on using the Canva app when creating your pins in the comments below. I am happy to help!


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