The world of blogging is huge. It is so diverse. It is even bigger than I think I could comprehend or explain. Now, let me share with you some reasons why starting a mommy blog is amazing! And I strongly believe if you are interested in it (even in the slightest) you should do it too!

starting a mommy blog

I began blogging because I had a small idea. An idea that I am turning into a reality.

When I first had the idea to start my blog I did not fully grasp the entire concept of blogging. I wanted to do something to share my experiences and knowledge. To connect with moms who are or were in my same shoes. I began blogging for an avenue to decompress after a stressful day.

Blogging Helps Exercise Your Mind

A mom’s daily routine can become pretty repetitive.

Depending on if you are working Mon-Fri or maybe you are a stay at home mom. Whatever your situation is, it is important to continue to learn and develop your own mind. Amongst all the baby talk- it is good to exercise your ability to use grown up words on occasion.

There are new things to learn.

Meaning, new things are being discovered every day. Blogging gives you a reason to stay on top of the latest research. Once you have educated yourself you can share what you learn and keep others in the loop too.

Blogging is a Stress Reliever (most days)

Being a mom and working as a nurse, I essentially have two full time jobs. Talk about stressful! I needed a coping mechanism. And I needed a way to decompress after a long and stressful day.

Blogging is a great way to do this. I find writing to be such a relaxing way to express yourself. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like you are a good writer or not. Just start. It will feel good!

>> Get some words of encouragement here. <<

Social Interaction

Okay, so maybe its not actual face to face, let’s have a coffee kind of interaction, but meeting moms through blogging is the next best thing. You meet others who are in your same shoes. You grow your mom tribe!

Start Blogging to Make Money

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can become a form of income.

There are so many ways to do this, for example through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Many bloggers make a full time income and they started out just like anyone else does: with an idea of one day starting a blog.

We all start in the same place, but you will never know what you can do with blogging unless you try!

Share Your Knowledge

Helping people feels good.

Being the one people come to with questions, and being able to provide them with useful information feels good. You know more than you think you do. Especially if you are a well seasoned mom.

Imagine how much you can share with a brand new mom. Sharing what you know can be invaluable!

You Get a Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

Once you develop your blog, looking at what you have created will feel amazing. The sense of accomplishment is huge!

Every blog post you create, every Pinterest pin you make- is an investment. The time you spend creating your blog, whether it be 5 minutes or an hour, adds up toward your greater goal.

So I have to ask – what are you waiting for??

If you have ever thought about starting a mommy blog, then go for it! Take it one day at a time. Start today. You can go at your own pace. And that is the beauty of it all.

You blog on your own time. There are no deadlines to meet. There isn’t a boss to pressure you into writing something you may not care about.

Your mommy blog is your creation.

It is what you want it to be. If you want a group focused on helping moms start and grow their blogs, join my Facebook group below!

Join my Facebook Group for mommy bloggers here.

Starting a Mommy Blog

how to start a mommy blog

Step 1 Figure out what you want to bog about.

This is your niche. What are you passionate about? What is something you could talk on and on about? For example, I started this blog about motherhood with an initial primary focus on breastfeeding. As I started blogging for longer I added more to it, and I continue to add more every day.

It’s okay to start with a broad topic. It is okay to change your focus. Again, it is your creation. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You will learn what works and what doesn’t.

Step 2 Create a name for your blog.

The name should be something catchy. Easy to remember. Something that goes with your niche.

Avoid using punctuation which can cause your URL to look odd, or make it difficult for people to find your website.

Step 3 Check to see if that domain name has been taken.

There are many ways to check this. I am recommending you go to and use their domain searcher. (You can use any search site, but for sake of this article and consistency during this process- go there.)

You will want to do this BEFORE you get your heart set on a name because it is pointless if the name is already taken. I went through many ideas before I finally decided on Mind of Mom.

Step 4 Create an email address specific for your blog.

This will be the one place you deal with all things blog related. Keeping it all in one place is important! I recommend you use a Gmail account.

Step 5 Sign up for web hosting.

I recommend using Bluehost.

Bluehost is so easy to use. It is inexpensive. You get to register a domain for free! And it is the number 1 hosting site recommended by

What is web hosting? 

Well, you can certainly set up a website for free, but there are a couple downsides to doing this. One of the biggest is the fact that you don’t own the site.  And if you want to monetize your blog in the future, you need to use a web hosting server such as Bluehost

You will also then be able to have your own domain name, while if you used a free server they add their website to your domain name. For example: if I used a free site through WordPress my website would be: not the most catchy of names right?

Step 6 Sign up with WordPress.

So when you visit and choose the plan you want to start out with- it actually is super simple to sign up for WordPress. The Bluehost website walks you through the entire process and it is a 1-click sign up! SO easy!!

Step 7 Start creating content!

And this is when the fun starts! Start writing your content.

I recommend you start with 3-4 articles minimum before you “go live”. This way when a reader visits your website you have content to keep them interested.

Starting your own blog can seem intimidating at first. But trust me- you will not regret it. The only thing you will say to yourself is, why didn’t I start this sooner? 

Now get to starting a mommy blog, today!

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